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(Sally Lockhart ≠ Peyton Manning)

Tonight’s Masterpiece Theater was great! I could not believe how evil that Mrs. Holland was. Not only did she stab grown men and bury them in her backyard, but also she and abducted little girls, all on account of how she wanted a ruby! A ruby. At first I thought Sally Lockhart wouldn’t escape, and I was really scared for her, but I suspected Sally wouldn’t get away because she was an expert markswoman and she knew how to read a ledger book too! At first I thought maybe she’d shoot Mrs. Holland in a duel, but that was just too obvious. Instead, she threw the ruby in the water, and in the water Mrs. Holland jumped and drowned herself, just like Ophelia. Then that Dutch-Chinese man who said he’d killed Sally’s father showed up, and it really seemed like Sally was in a pickle that time. But she did have her gun! Just as he was about to stab her, she shot him. Except for the people who died and for the little girl who Mrs. Holland stole—probably, she was sold into slavery or prostitution or turned into an opium addict, which is all just speculation because she might very well have given the little girl a scholarship and sent her to boarding school; Mrs. Holland, however, was really very evil and I wouldn’t have expected her to do something so generous, but unfortunately, what secrets she had she told only to the fishes—everyone, including the photographer and his sister and the young cop and Sally, was satisfied at the end.

Did you watch anything?



well, gosh, now i wish i hadn’t fallen asleep!

You missed a lot, let me tell you! But I must admit, it wasn’t as good as Jane Eyre.

I would have watched the Simpsons, but of course they were not on. Neither was Sally Lockhart, sadly, or at least not that I could tell. So I settled in to get through the last part of Lonesome Dove, which is tragic for a variety of reasons (lots of people die, Indians are slaughtered, cattle are brought to Montana. . . .)

On the plus side, it is Lonesome Dove. You must be reading up on your WY lore. Don’t miss Frazier’s Great Plains: I read it on the trip to MT last spring. Really, very good, with that good ominousness that you want from a Cold War memoir.

I’ll check it out—it appears that we have a copy at my branch.