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RIP Syd Barrett

Entirely by accident last night I heard “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” on Canadian radio, and was immediately nostalgic for high school, for driving real fast on curvy Ozark roads with the windows down, and for laser shows at the planetarium in Little Rock. Such is the ridiculous power of Pink Floyd over me. Syd Barret, why’d you have to release Roger Waters on this world?



OK. this may actually be readable now… smart’s another thing entirely.

indeed, rip… though i came to PF late in life… already in college. still, they meant something to me on nights speeding through arkansas backwoods trying to make it back to curfew on time.

oh, i had my fix in college, too, although by then it was tempered by way too much of the cure and i’d grown up to realize that the band in its david gilmore days was mostly just silly, instead of cartoonish. that stupid stephen hawking song soured me completely…

(One of the troubles of sharing the same computer—mine unceremoniously died last week—is forgetting to change names in the comment field.)