Hermits Rock

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At lunch it so happened that the CEO and board president of the corporate nonprofit I work for stood beside me in line at the grill. Recently, he and the board he heads have been the subject of a sensational investigation (no links, sorry; if you know where I work, you can look it up yourself) by the Des Moines Register which revealed that his salary and the board’s recompense is extraordinary. Members of the board receive annual stipends that, based upon the amount of time they spend at official meetings, approach and in at least one case surpass $1,000 per hour. Anyway, while my gardenburger and his tuna melt cooked, we exchanged pleasantries about the weather, he asked me about what department I worked in, and I somehow managed not to exclaim “You make a $500,000 a year!”—though I was sorely tempted.



Well, you have been chomping at the bit for a new job…You could go out of this one in a blaze of glory…Big scene in the cafeteria…Throw a pie in his face. Could be fun!