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Repentance for the last video

It seems that the last video did not make Mr. Too-Sheek-For-His-Geekiness not very happy. Then again, he’s been known to equate Kate Bush with Depeche Mode, which is close to an impardonable…



That might have stung, had you spelled chic at all correctly.

what you mean i can’t use an urban spelling?

for a man who wants to be loved by hunnies and thugs?

Like, only about 30 people spell it like that, and they can’t even agree on the definition. On the other hand…

schuu té, schuu té

still, you gotta give M. Ward some love

and, you can’t forget about


uhmmm, can i get a e-man!

and sheekeedeekee

which, will now become part of my quotidian parlance

I like the first song a lot! And the second one, too!