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Reading Blues

It’s not for lack of books I’m reading—I’m currently in the middle of Henry James, The Wings of the Dove; Jim Crace, Genesis; Gordon Wood, The Creation of the American Republic; and Wayne Booth, The Rhetoric of Fiction—but it’s been well over a month since I finished a book because, lately, I’m reticent to be still.

As it stands with the books I am reading, however, I’m most disappointed so far in Crace’s novel, which has two contradictory problems: overly exuberant, misplaced wit and a tentative narrator.



yeah, i´m way behind on reading a self study that i´m supposed to write comments on… these things are soooooo boring!

At some point I should probably read the book I’m supposed to be reviewing, but since I don’t have a deadline for the review, it’s a little hard to motivate myself.