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Frankly, Manley, I find your performance flat. Where’s the danger? The fangy snarl? As a cougar you look like you just woke up from a nap and can’t decide which is the more pressing need, to take a leak or go back to bed. I need to be convinced you’re a cougar. Growl! Show some teeth! Make that guy with the messenger bag and his hands in his pockets run in fear! If you really believe you’re a cougar, I will too.


P.S. To everyone else: if you’re in Chicago on Friday or Saturday nights, go see the Cougars. Then, call all your agent and producer friends and tell them it’s MM’s time to make it big.

P.P.S. To everyone everyone else: Use the comments to make fun of Manley. Even if you don’t know him. (He’s on the bottom right.) Especially if you do.



If you only knew how pissed I was the day they took that picture….

Well it shows, you know, which is kinda my point. Pissed ≠ Cougar.

The rest of you are a lousy lot.

How did I miss this one? To MM’s credit, he probably did just wake up from a nap. But doesn’t the expression seem to convey a sense of “dirty-pervert-about-to-grab-a-pair”? This is the true Manley, the one we all know and love. The fact that he can still express his lewdness in an otherwise serious promo shot only increases my confidence in his comedic abilities. Keep grabbin’ em’ Matt! You’ve earned it.

Now that’s just flattery, Marty, although modifying “pervert” with “dirty” is a nice touch, and fitting.

See? This is the kind of dedication to ferocity I’m talking about.