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Politics is the Currency of Justice?

Any bets on how much longer Alberto Gonzales remains Attorney General? I think he’s out within the week.



I think that’s too optimistic, barring any bombshells this week. But this tree is being shaken pretty furiously right now, who knows what will fall out?

I was thinking it too conservative—my other choice was “before the weekend.” There are other shoes to drop, too.

It’s kinda hard to believe that public estimation of the Bush administration could fall farther, but it may soon be that the only damage control possible is to prepare Gonzales as a sacrificial lamb.

Gonzalez is a long time Bush loyalist, that’s why I’m hesitant to think Bush will fire him. If he goes, it’ll probably be him deciding to fall on his sword so as not to further damage his patron.

I’ve been following this on TPM for a while now. That blog should get the medal of honor for flogging this onto the front page.

TPM’s certainly been covering it ad nauseum. It was today’s NYT & WaPo stories that got my attention most. (Well, that and the testimony last week.) Anyway, I find the fall-on-his-sword thesis more likely, too, though he might be asked to fall…

Via Mona, an article detailing how AG’s Justice department is politicized all the way down to subpoenas and internal investigations. While I don’t have time to read it right now, you might.

Looks like your prediction just might hold Greg. He’s pretty much out for sure now, but will he go tomorrow?

Just as scary in yr link is the fact that they’re floating Chertoff‘s name to replace him. Chertoff!! The article also seems to me to suggest AG’s resignation will be intended to be Rove protection. That, anyway, is how I read this:

“Democrats smell blood in the water, and (Gonzales’) resignation won’t stop them,” said a well-connected Republican Senate aide. “And on our side, no one’s going to defend him. All we can do is warn Democrats against overreaching.”

(where “overreaching” means “Don’t go after Karl.”)

The results of the 2006 elections would have been worth celebrating with wine and song, even if the only benefit of the Democratic majority was subpoena power. I hope they subpoena WH officials all day, every day, just to pass the time if nothing else.

I’m still pissed off about that whole time period from 2002-2004.


I may have jumped to conclusions about Chertoff. I’ve got an unnatural suspicion of anything that comes out of Homeland Security. His resume, anyway, suggests he’d be better fit for Justice than HS—and certainly more qualified for it than AG ever was.

Alberto Gonzales is a tenacious son of a bitch, I’ll give him that. (He’d probably be gone, though, if GWB hadn’t given him a phone call.) My prediction was wrong.

But I don’t see how he can be effective either in the Justice Dept or with Congress. With the former, he’s now implicated, with his now-resigned chief of staff, in conniving a way to fire dishonestly those under him. With the latter he’s caught in slight but real lies, and the Congress has no faith in him.

How soon before somebody decides it’s time to use Gonzales as a human shield to protect Rove? Methinks it can’t be much longer….

It’s about damn time. I doubt it will change anything at all, but it feels good — for a moment at least — to see another of the Bushies hit the door.

Ever since I learned about Gonzales’ role as GWB’s filter for executions in Texas, I’ve thought of that man (in the same way that Karl Rove was called Bush’s brain) as Bush’s conscience, which is to say, a cold hard surface off which pitiable and just things bounce. Good riddance. And the good thing is, the justice department won’t be the worse for wear for it, since morale was already so low that I suspect hardly a thing was happening there in the first place.

It pains me to think that my home state has proved such fertile ground for developing the kind of arrogant politics that GWB has made a hallmark of his administration. It also makes me angry that GWB’s ascendancy can be traced back to his success in Texas working with Bob Bullock, a man who maintained a generally good reputation over a lifetime in Texas politics. I can only imagine that he rolls constantly in his grave.

I had forgotten you were from TX. What’s wrong with your people, anyway?

Too much Shiner Bock? Not enough Shiner Bock? It’s gotta be one or the other.

Oh how I miss Ann Richards.

The confirmation hearings of his successor have the potential to be delicious.

Delicious indeed! Chertoff would certainly be a sufficiently idiotic nomination, one that could only be topped Slate’s facetious suggestion of John Yoo.

Why don’t we just bring back Mike Brown? If you can run a rodeo, surely you can dismantle the justice dept.