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Poke around, please

A new, bloggier stylesheet is in effect. However, because the new design is cleaner than the last, all my original sloppiness is showing. It’s time to fix that sloppiness. Would you mind poking around and cataloging what problems or discrepancies you see? Write them in the comments. Be sure to include your browser version.

FYI, the “Archive” page is supposed to look the same. It’ll be a while before I can change that.



I suspect the comment preview will be funky.

Actually, not bad!

On Safari and IE, the page is too big. I can see only your posts at first, but have to scroll to the very botton to see your Hermits Art or the indexes. When posting this comment, I have to scroll to the left to see all the features on the page.

I like the look, but as a matter of functionality, I think the comments section should be immediately visible, without needing to scroll down to see it. The RSS and email stuff should be down at the bottom.

Since we’re discussing meta-type stuff, where is Scott? Is he in touch with you guys? If he died or was sick or something, would anyone come and tell us?

2: I’m looking into how to fix the IE/Safari thing.

3: I like having search boxes at top, but I get your point about the “recent” section. I’ll move it around. Re: scott, I’m emailing to ask if he’s dead or sick or something.

ugh. I thought that would fix it. may i recommend using firefox or opera a few days if you want to look at the site?

Looks okay on Firefox 1.5 at the moment, though I think it would be nice if the text were a little bigger (it’s too big if I increase the text size via the browser). Also, I miss the bar-iness of the sidebar. Things look to me to be floating over there, unmoored, lost at sea.

But that could just be me.

Happy belated birthday to K (god, how sad is this—I’m sending happy birthday wishes via a blog comment!).

And happy MLK Day to all. You know, I used to get pissed off at the tokenism of MLK Day—the once-a-year pictures of the president with little multiracial children; the paeans to the civil rights movement; the “if Dr. King were alive today” bits. But now that I live in a state whre the major newspaper did not even mention the day, all that nonsense is starting to seem kind of good.

And thanks for letting me hijack the comments, once again.

It looks good on Safari but not yet on IE. I can struggle through the indignity, though.

Frankly, it’s the easiest thing in the world to break IE. Even the last design never quite got it right, but the problems with it (not showing the separators, for example) I didn’t sweat then—they were immaterial, and I figured that IE users for using IE got what they deserved in the absence of aesthetics.

But the stretchiness is really no good. I’m still looking into it.

I dunno about the lines on the sidebar. I’m not averse in principle to cordoning things of a kind off, but those lines kind of annoyed me here. It might work better without a gradient background, but…

OK. There’s a temporary IE fix in place. Just whatever you do don’t make the window smaller than 700 pixels.

Or try to read the red text in the comment preview for that matter…


i think that the pornbots have spammed us!

but, i could be wrong…

No, that was me.

J/K. I used to ban all spammers from the server, but that was just too much work. Textpattern’s secure enough it doesn’t get spammed often. Hopefully this spammer will hit us again so I can truly ban him—or rather it.

That was easy. It was a spambot from the Ukraine.