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on the strangeness of my world

pondering the paradox

as a teacher of literature in a state college, i spend most of my time trying to get my students to look beyond biography…

as a teacher of scripture in a restoration movement church, i spend most of my time trying to get the members of the class to pay more attention to person(s) who wrote the various texts we read…



relatedly, what part of the phrase: no internet sources (except scholarly articles found on JSTOR and ProjectMUSE) do students not understand?

i think it’s the NO and INTERNET, but i could be wrong

here are two i’ve gotten so far:
a vacation booker

though both pale in comparison to the biography of kinsey taken from an S&M lingerie e-store.

I bet they’d understand it better if you deducted a letter grade for every www. ... .com that appears in their footnotes. Ruthlessness is an underrated quality in a lit prof, but Oh! how satisfying it can be!