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OK, Go

The access problems were really becoming tiresome, so this morning I transferred the database to a new machine. The process was surprisingly painless—I think. Try the comments out now. All should be good. LMK if you experience any of the same problems.



Page load times from here are already noticeably improved…

As are comment posts?

Commenting: Ur doin it right!

seems much better!

I’m not a little amazed at the difference.

Looks good so far.

I am still confused about textile stuff. I always have to use the Help button to figure out how to add links

It’s really very simple, GKB.

Surround the text you want to link in quotes; immediately after the close-quote, type a colon, paste the URL, and voila! Instant link.

Textpattern syntax isn’t as fouled as, say, MediaWiki syntax. But they’re both bad. Standards! We have standards for a reason!

If you would bother to look at the source code, you would see that your standards are not only being used, they are being applied correctly. Textile is about not having to write less-thans, greater-thans, and HREFS, not about noncompliance.

It may produce valid markup, but learning a new syntax seems to me to be more work than typing <>blah blah</>.


WTF are you people talking about?!!!1