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So, I’ve known for some time that my hourly rate for freelance copyediting is low, but until now, I’ve never gotten around to actually changing it. Today, however, a new client made it dramatically clear that I can totally charge more—a lot more.

That said, I do feel somewhat guilty thinking that way, especially when working with graduate students. I’ve been in their shoes: I know how poor they (probably) are. Therefore, and in part because this new job will be long-term, I’m going to work out a system of graduated rates that allows me to discriminate based on the job. In other words, soon I will be better able to exploit rich professors.

(The new rate excludes the rich professors who exploit me, obvs.)



woohoo, start bringin in moh dough!

i’m 2 weeks late on a book review… and have little desire to sit down and write it.

Don’t talk to me about being late on deadlines: I’m behind on one today.