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Back from the Show

The first concert I ever went to in my life was 1964: The Tribute as they ROCKED the Benson… it could’ve been another band, but I really think it was them. Since then I’ve grown up, or down, depending on if you think rock is Satan spawn and concerts modern day Bacchanalias.

Tonight, T and I went to see Ray LaMontange and Guster at a place where you can get tables and bring a meal.

The menu was: (Sorry Vegiramas, parts of this meal are not vegi-friendly… and, though we did not go off and find some farm in sourth Georgia, we did buy real free range chicken… and the deer couldn’t’ve been more free)

  • Avocado, Red and Orange Pepper, Boston Lettuce salad with Toasted Pecans and Tangy-Dijon Dressing * Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke Heart, Crimini Mushroom and Potato Fritatta
  • Chicken Saltimbocca and Venison Saltimbocca: (the Bambi was shot by one of the guys who will be there with us.)

It was a nice evening. The lead singer of Guster, with whom I’ve only recently become acquainted, politely mocked the crowd and their yuppie sh—food. They’re a really good band… at times they sounded a little like Phish, at times a little like Weezer, they had really nice harmonies, and the bongo drummer was AMAZING. It’s a wonder he’s got any fingers left.

LaMontagne is also quite good; actually, if you like acoustic guitar LaMontagne can rock like few others out there. It’s the second time I’ve seen him… though he came on twenty minutes early and didn’t play an encore and never acknowledged the crowd. Then again, half the amphitheatre was empty and people were coming in and setting up their dinners while he was playing. However, he did walk on stage a full 20 minutes before time.



Here’s a question, which K has dealt with nearly 15 years, and which I’ve come to wonder over more and more, and which I may have asked here before:

Why do people apologize for eating meat when they eat around vegetarians?

In some cases, as yours, J, I know it’s a polite cognizance of others’ decisions.

In others, it may be latent guilt, not for being carnivorous, but for not paying closer attention to what it is they ingest.

But in others, I often get the feeling it’s a defiance of the choice of eating vegetables, as if to say, “You’re a vegetarian? Fie! I will eat this steak greedily in front of you! (But I’ll apologize for it just to draw attention to the fact that you are different from me.)”

That said, quit apologizing, J! Until you & T & E join us in our veg ways, K & I will take it as understood that this thing you call “chicken” is not made out of tofu. Meanwhile, both of us will rejoice that at least that chicken you ate lived a happy life in the grass instead of a giant, airless building with millions of its sisters, doing nothing but eating and eating and eating the remains of its fathers and mothers…

My first rock concert was also in the Benson—They Might Be Giants. Stepping on the toes of angry Event Staff as we congoed around the place is still one of my fondest memories of HU.

I saw Ray and Guster Thursday night in Knoxville at what must be one of the South’s best little theatres. Ray was good, and I like him a lot. But he seemed painfully disinterested throughout the set. Same thing, no encore barely acknowledging the crowd.

Guster was really good. I’ve listened to them for some time and heard that they put on a good show. I see the Phish comparison (something about bands from the northeast, I guess), but I’m not sure I see the Weezer (K-town’s own, BTW). I kind of found them to be a little less countrified little more rock version of the Old 97’s. The bongo drummer was definitely the coolest part of their show.

shaun welcome…

the ray was disappointing because i’d seen him in another venue and he really engaged the crowd and it was a really great concert.

the weezer reference was an poor attempt to talk about their happy pop, but not too pop sound… a very bop the head to the beat and smile while singing sardonic lyrics kind of music, at times.

ah, yes, was that part of the conga line they might be giants concert?

oh, greg…

it’s all about the guilt of the epicure, gormand, and glutton. and, about the incomprehensibility of people going veggie (meat's so darn tasty...which leads to the guilt, since the veggie life seems so much more disciplined)… and a slight mocking of you who do… never, however, is it a defiant: i will eat my cow innards in your face and you must watch me.

in other culinary news, i think i will make a blackberry flan today.

Flan. Yum.

There’s an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog about flan. A big flan company wants everyone to buy their flan. So they use subliminal messages on their advertisements. The company? “Flantasy Flan.”

Oh, and I second J’s welcome, Shaun. (M?)


Thanks for the welcome. That was the very same conga line.

I take your point about the Weezer comparison. And as for Ray, despite his general disinterest in the audience, he really nailed his songs, and they rocked more than I expected live.


Thanks to you as well. Shaun M. indeed. I’m still toiling at the mercy of the academy here in Knoxville. Hope things are well in Iowa City (?).

Toil it is, unless you are me and prefer to name it masochism instead. I’m glad to hear you survive. I am indeed still in IC, though for different reasons than those I came for.

(BTW, J, I knew I had said something about Carnivorous Guilt before…)

yes, indeed you had, and i had already mocked you in the comments.

yet, if you ever come to our house, in the middle of our street, which is a very, very fine house

we will only fix veggie fare… for you G, for you K

This is one thing we both know and appreciate.

btw, i do not mock you… well, except in this thread.

and it is only the mocking of righteousness by one lost in sin