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Not Quite the Worst Assignment Ever

I was reminded tonight of an assignment in a class I took (with Shaun, as I remember; BG will remember it, too) that went like this: Either write an essay about some aspect of the history of language, or take a short course in Esperanto.



That had to be the worst class I took at camp, and there is quite a list of doosies to choose from there.

Esperanto?!?!? WTF?!

Just read the title: So, what was the worst assignment ever?

I didn’t have anything in mind about the worst, although I saw plenty bad ones as a tutor. At least the Esperanto assignment, though stupid, had easily defined limits, which is more than I can say of a lot of assignments—particularly writing assignments—that students receive in college. Such vagueness is worse.

Anyway: I tried mightily to get out of that course. However, even after taking third language, linguistics, and phonetics, I was stuck.

I did the Esperanto, of course. You?

I did the esperanto. Anything to avoid writing another paper that semester — getting married and graduating is busy stuff.

I wrote the paper. You one-worlders suck, but at least you’ll be able to communicate when the UN Freemason regiment swoops down in their black helicopters to take you to the gulag.

To that, the only thing I can say is Incubus!