Hermits Rock

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This afternoon when the temperature was 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the windchill near zero and while I was walking Newton, I saw a man jogging. We had a freezing mist last night, and the sidewalks are coated with an eighth-inch thick ice sheet of the sort that lies in wait, like a cat about to pounce on a mouse, to jump you, trip you up, twist your ankle, bruise your tailbone. So the fact he was running was itself a sign, not of courageousness, but of a certain disregard for personal safety. But then! He was also half naked, wearing nothing but shoes, shorts, and a Camelbak. After he passed, I kept looking back to watch him, and I am glad I did, because a half-block away he dropped to the ground to do push ups. Whatever he was training for, he was doing the full Rocky.



My legs are so sore today that you might think I’d been doing something similar, but I suspect it’s just tension from driving for 12+ hours.