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Mr. Bingley Goes to the Vet

I think Bingley has an inflamed anal sac, which I’m sure, given its location, is at least uncomfortable and probably painful. The last time this happened it was to Jane. The vet then stuck his finger up her ass and expressed the fluid out of her sacs. It squirted up his arm and all over his shirt! Will similar excitement take place when Bingley goes in? I’ll know in about ten minutes!



Note to self: Always have coffee BEFORE reading Hermit’s Rock. You never know what you might come across, so you must always be prepared for anything.

New vet, so the expressing didn’t happen in my presence. The expressing did happen, however, and Bingley’s not at all pleased with me. His sac was infected, too, so I’m giving him antibiotics for a week. Pfizer-made!

Note to self! Never read Hermit’s Rock with a mouth full of coffee

1, 3: What, you wanted me to link to anal sac removal surgeries?

Disgusting AND awesome!

my first thought upon reading greg’s post: “Do I have an anal sac?”

i was happy to realize that i had never considered that question before just now.

6a: A part of me is very disappointed that you made “anal sac” singular in that question.