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Tonight I’m taking a class on meditation. It’s taught by a monk.



Just don’t get insufferable.

You mean more insufferable than I already am, of course.

Anyway, it’s not as if he’s the Dalai Lama.

G actually linked to the wrong monk. Our monk will be a “western” one.

The “western” monk isn’t on the site; in fact, the only story I could find about him was in the Billings Gazette.

I was so wrong: here he is (on the bottom)!

Dude never showed! The class was led by a novice instead. My expectations: shattered!

at least in the cop shows, they’re all about stringing people along, especially the western ones. eventually, they murder someone because they’ve been caught in a love heptagon and been seen eating at a MacDonald’s

A love heptagon?

well, from what the cop shows portray, buddhist monks, especially of caucasian birth, are highly promiscuous, love-triangle simply wouldn’t‘ve captured the reality of how fully they embrace life…

It’s not that, really, but more the logistics of the thing. I would think that if one had five regular partners, it would be very difficult if not impossible to keep the partnering secret. As I see it anywhere greater than 4 partners probably is the border of open relationship territory, moreso than the closed figure suggested by geometry. Not to say the heptagon isn’t impossible, but just really difficult…

I’m glad you’ve thought this through.

Baby, you’re my inspiration!

that’s why they are enlightened… so they can do the really difficult stuff, with apparent ease. until, of course, one of the mentees, or whatever they call them, finds out, gets jealous, and kills the master, or is killed by the master…