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Michael Clayton

The biggest problem with Michael Clayton is that it requires you to believe that two corporate lawyers suddenly grow consciences. However, the script is smart enough to come up with excuses, even if they are far-fetched: one’s conscience develops because he’s manic depressive and off his meds; the other’s appears because he never really lost it—he’s a public attorney at heart. Nevertheless, the thing’s solid. George Clooney wears harriedness on his face as well as any actor out there.



Another way to interpret it is that the manic depressive lawyer has been struck by prophecy.

I want to see that, but I don’t think it’s out here yet. B and I saw The Invasion instead tonight. Oooowee did it suck.

Kidman picks some stinkers sometimes…

MC is good, though. It’s more interesting the more I think about it. See it when you can.