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Masters of War

A year ago, the Roots did 13 minutes of awesome to “Masters of War,” and I never knew:

Clearly, I don’t hang out in the right corners of the Internet.



You may also enjoy this odd little corner of the interwebs.

Porn for the Blind on the other hand is just disturbing enough to be fascinating.

I’m not sure if the the constant giggling and cracking up adds to or detracts from the humor of Porn for the Blind.

My favorite is when a narrator uses a colloquial phrase to describe a sex act, and his co-narrator says, “You can’t say cock and ass! You have to say penis and butthole!”

One I listened to last night last night was completely straight, really professionally done. There was some really hard cognitive dissonance there between what was being described and the manner it was being described in.

Then I listened to one that seemed to be read by a twelve-year-old, which just weirded me out.

The first one I listened to was “Big Sausage Pizza,” and everyone in the room was losing it every 5 seconds.

The straight one is “Big Tits Round Asses” near the top of the list.

You’re on the front page of Unfogged right now. Shame ogged didn’t link to you, though.

I e-mailed him the link this morning.

No link back is OK.