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Hey! Didjya notice they’ve got an “I am John Doe” campaign, complete with a dinky picture you can put on your website, as if it were an ad? Even better! There’s a movie!



Sigh. There are apparently no limits to the dire threats facing Western Civilization. Dhimmatude awaits us all.

However, you too can stop the rushing tide of Isalmic extremism by putting a .jpg on your blog!

Speaking of, did you watch the GOP debate last night? Giuliani and Romney make habits of inventing facts to suit their personal narratives. They’re quite good at it. McCain, especially when it comes to Iraq, repeats over and again, “You ask me what happens if we fail? The answer is, WE CAN’T FAIL! Or else!”

I did not watch it. I briefly considered it, but decided my time could be more properly wasted playing video games.

We watched them both. Neither was very memorable, though Tom Tancredo’s usually good for a nervous “Does he really hate brown people that much?” laugh.

The second tier candidates are alright for a laugh, and Huckabee is actually likeable when you can forget about his positions. Rudy McRomney, however, is absolutely intolerable to me. I can’t stand to watch any of them toughtalk/grandstand for more than 30 seconds.

When they describe the world—especially the one that’s populated by Arabs—do you ever get the sense that they’ve never actually lived in a world that actually exists? Where have they lived, do you think?

I think they live in a dichotomy where there is America, and then there’s “the world.”

Almost all political coverage around here has been suspended in favor of encomiums to our late senator, Craig Thomas, who died suddenly on Monday night. In between local updates, though, I did catch a little of the coverage of the debate on NPR this morning. It sounded entertaining, actually, but I suppose that’s the beauty of getting other people to report on things for you.

Now Scooter Libby getting a character reference from Paul Wolfowitz—that’s truly priceless.

Well, but of course Paul Wolfowitz & Scooter would be swapping references. They’re both signatories.