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Catblogging: LOLCAT edition


Have a good weekend LOL!11!one11



Oh yeah? Well, if you think that’s a funny one, check this out.

1: kitten = awesome

I don’t know…Our boy Bingley was one funny looking cat when we got him. But once he grew into his enormous head, he turned out to be a handsome guy.

I think you should give little kitten a chance…

We’re giving him a chance, but keeping him separated from our other feline companion is wearisome. Namira has alternated between sullen and nervous, suspicious prowling or hissing anger since the little guy arrived. He, in typical kitten fashion, is oblivious. Then there’s the fact that we never have a clean guest bathroom due to the necessity of keeping their litterboxes separate. He is looking better, except for a constant grubbiness from standing in his food dish and mashing his face into his dinner.