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Less than two hours left

You did notice my feedback is 100% positive, didn’t you? Good. If you were hoping to win this Radio Shack game, wedding band, postcard, toy, or any of these other fine things, you best bid now.

Update: Why do you hate me?



We hate you because you manage to blog way more than the rest of us combined, and you still find time to sell things on eBay.

Your feelings of inadequacy are hardly sufficient reason to refuse to buy me a new computer.

Dude, I need a new computer too. This one runs at the speed of molasses if you try to run more than one or two programs at once. Frozen molasses.

Put some RAM in it? I have some I can send that might fit.

Of course, you know if you sold stuff on ebay to raise money for a computer, I’d totally bid on it.

Okay, okay, you win: send me some RAM and I’ll bid on something.