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Irritating is the gender segregation you get when you search for an artist—say “Josh Ritter” or “Emmylou Harris”—on last.fm to listen to a station of “music like” said artist. Only two women turned up on the “Josh Ritter” channel, which I listened to it for nearly two hours, and the men were either Wilco or clones of Ryan Adams. The Emmylou Harris channel may be a bit more diverse, but it’s still a noticeable gender bias.



Emmylou Harris channel has featured three Lucinda Williams covers—though one was played by Lu herself.

do you have a paid last.fm account, or are you a free account freeloader like me? if so, i would like to know your impressions of the paid features.

i listen at work a lot, but the lack of variety on some of the channels is sometimes frustrating. i spend most of my listening time on listening to my “neighbors” play lists, which can be a really good way to hear music that i really like but hadn’t heard before. all in all, it is a great service given that the price is free!

Freeloader listening at work, too.

I’ll try listening to others’ playlists today. It sounds like a good way to diversify one’s sounds.

BTW, I also listen to NPR’s music page, which posts a lot of really good live performances, and WNYC has good shows too.

(Strange to say I listen to a page.)

(Unless, of course, the page is a messenger.)

I like the NPR site, too.

I often use elbo.ws and hype machine to find out more about particular artists I’ve heard on last.fm or elsewhere or very rarely to just browse. The search box is my way of wading through the tons of posts, although maybe someone tries to read through all that stuff.

I’m working up a library at Last.fm now. I can just hit “play library” and get a good day’s worth of decent music. It’s pretty easy to diversify, too, though it takes some time…

i sometimes forget to turn off my mp3 player when i go to class, so last.fm thinks i listened to one song 35 times in one day. i have never looked at the library and playlist til now—i didn’t actually know you could listen to those features w/o paying.

For some unknown reason, last.fm stopped playing my library today. Instead, it played classic rock, then it played Motown????

is there something about how many times you can stream a particular song within a certain period of time? i feel like that is part of the “free” accounts. and part of why some people pay.

Maybe? After an hour, I tried “play library” again, and it worked. Perhaps it was a bug.