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Kicking Ass & Taking Names

Let’s see, how many games have I won? which poor souls have I utterly destroyed?

JTB pwnd!
JTB pwnd!

GKB pwnd!
GKB pwnd!

JH pwnd!
JH pwnd!

All of my successes make losing to Freeman that much more bitter. For that reason: I’m coming for you, Scott! Do you hear? You cannot hide!



Dude, I thought I had issues. Let it go, my good man. Let it go. :D


What do you mean? I’m perfectly calm.

One should have the decency not to boast when one won using “words” like “fet,” “qis,” and “turfs.”

Calm. And calculated.

By the way, did you just see that Bingo? :D

4: Please refer your complaints about the dictionary to JTB’s point above.

Cue GKB in 10, 9, 8, 7…

So, you came for me. How did that go? Can I get a screen shot of that game :D

Nobody likes a gloater, Freeman.

I’m just wondering if you’re going to post screen caps of the games you’ve LOST!!!

Shouldn’t that be obvious by now?

Dude, I have gotten nothing but vowels for several rounds now. You try to make good words in English with nothing but vowels (note to self: learn more Hawaiian and/or Greek words acceptable in English Scrabble parlance)!