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JH wins

for posting the 5000th comment on Hermits Rock!

(We probably actually passed 5000 several months ago, but a good lot of them disappeared into the void when we dropped Blogger. So in the universe there is an ideal count which represents the possible maximum number of comments that have ever been posted to the blog, and then there is the real number, verifiable and observable through counting. The real number aspires to the ideal but will never in fact reach it. Whatever the ideal number actually is, however, it’s a good bet that JH posted its 5000th comment, too.)

(You don’t actually win anything, BTW.)



‘bout time I get some recognition for all the ball-busting work I do around here.

We sat at 4999 since late last night, so you were this close to missing out. I mean, just think of all the coincidences that had to happen for you to get this honor?

I blame Jesus, personally.

I don’t think he had much to do with it.

That doesn’t stop people from praising him for all manner of things he had very little if anything to do with, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to blame him capriciously as well.

The whole thing is frivolous, I know, but this thread is in my honor, so it’s my right and privilege to be petty and waste everyone’s time with bullshit comments.

Oh! Well, in that case…

Get this: I found out today that there’s a man in IC named D/ick S/chwab!

It’s mean to make fun of people for things they can’t help, like their names.

I know you laughed.