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JRB noticed that Iowa’s got a wise judge in Robert Hanson. I don’t for a minute believe his ruling is safe, but for the moment, let’s bask in the sanity of his ruling:

“This court has yet to hear any convincing argument as to how excluding same-sex couples from getting married promotes responsible reproduction in general or by different-sex couples in particular,” Hanson wrote. “So far as this court can tell, (the law) operates only to harm same-sex couples and their children.”

Iowa Independent has some early local feedback. The Des Moines Register and the Press-Citizen allow comments to their news stories—there’s already 80+ in the Register—but I guarantee there’ll be a lot of insanity there. I imagine more will come out over the weekend, especially as the presidential candidates and the opinion page editors opine.

I’m going to AR for the weekend, but the blog’s doors are open. If you see anything good, link to it in the comments and otherwise carry on—start a brouhaha or something else interesting. There’s nothing more boring than coming home to an empty blog.



Yeah, sorry that I am awful and lazy about making my links pretty.

The judge has rendered a sound ruling, and I do not doubt that the timing, in Iowa, right now, is on purpose by someone, somehow. If you you know these fine litigants who
arranged their suit in a Presidential election cycle, outside of Massachusettes, congratulate them for me.

What’s with the midwest and all the gayness this week, anyway?

Teh gheyness is what we are all about, JRB. I totally recommend the Midwest for many reasons, that included.

The rest of you disappoint me. Disappoint, I say!