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I never read

G’s best blog evar…

then again, i barely read our very own g’s blatherings about birds and racoons… didn’t your mother tell it’s bees and not racoons, that that is what she wants to hear about birds and bees?

then again, i hardly listen to npr anymore… since i go to sleep around 2-3 am and get up around 9, and since i pick the d up around 4 it’s happy kiddie songs all the time… though for some strange reason, she’s taken a liking to…

she loves that the girl is going to go buy her some candy. which is fine, but i think the whole album is about scoring ecstasy.

she also quite likes this one

and i don’t read the newspaper… and our crappy mail service hasn’t delivered our copy of the atlantic in two months

cuz all i read is for my book and stuff.

in fact, i barely talk about anything that isn’t book. i’m turning into one of them



I must say you ought to be very disappointed you missed it. I wish I’d taken a screenshot for posterity, it was so great.

Why don’t you keep a writing journal this summer and transfer your best entries here so you can regale us with stories about how frustrated you are? I dunno about anybody else, but who cares about them? I’d love it.

Young Miss Gracián has good taste. Whozzit? The line drawing video is understatedly cool.

El perro del mar. A Scandanavian group (or chick, actually, kinda like Cat Power—in that it’s a singer-song writer girl who’s taken on a name like if she were a whole band) that mixes an ironic take on 60s bubble-gum pop with Scandanavian ennui.

However did I live to 30 without experiencing firsthand Scandinavian ennui, or even wishing for it with longing?

FWIW, I was serious about the writing journal.

yeah, you just want me to keep a Journal so i can pass it your way so you can write a Novel with a German Translator and not use Punctuation

As if I would write a novel out of your struggles for tenure. I like people who read, you know.