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how many syllabi

meet the goldilocks standard?

i’ve got:

on the undergraduate—

  • one on 20th century latam essay (bilingual, crosslisted)
  • one on travel literature (english and an early one in spanish)
  • one on a 17th century nun-poet
  • one on contemporary latam novels
  • one on latam culture
  • one on intro latam lit

on the graduate—

  • one on 16th century conquest narratives
  • one of 17th century literature, that covers every genre
  • one on 19th and early 20th century national identities
  • one on 20th century latam poetry

of course, these are too many syllabi for someone just entering their fourth year, but welcome to my institution and to the c.v. of a boy who can’t say no. and, needless to say, these are way too many to send to any one institution.

also, the above list is why i’m exhausted.

so, what is the perfect number? the perfect selection for the following job specialities—

1—20th century position
3—Colonial/19th century positions
2—open positions



I would send no more than 3, but better is 2.

2-3 is what i’ve got in there at the moment. though the 2/2 school i put in four. i’ll need to take one out.