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House finches

A month ago a pair of house finches built a nest in our begonia. I’ve been monitoring the chicks’ progress.

July 9

Finch mom, just after to laying

She laid about one egg a day for a total of four.

Finch mom, incubating

July 19

Incubation was almost exactly one week. The first hatched early on Saturday, July 19.

The second hatched the afternoon of July 19; the rest followed over the next day.

July 26

A week after hatching, they had beaks!

They were also noisy and hungry. Note that the begonia sacrificed its life for the sake of the birds.

August 3

Now fledged, they hardly fit in the poo-covered nest.



Curious, I checked on them today, and what do you know: they flew off as soon as I looked closely!

One can only live in poo for so long.

did she make a lot of noise when laying?

Unfortunately, I don’t know. I never got a chance to witness the laying. Rather, every few hours I would check and there a new egg would be!