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homer would cry me a river...

simpson that is.

around december 15 i went to the store and bought eggnog.

“Christmas is the only time to get eggnog before the government takes it back!”—Homer Simpson

it is still sitting in our fridge unopened. between the 18th of december and the 15th of january, we were only here for about 8–10 days, and those not consecutively. a day, and gone; 3, and gone; 4, and gone.



Do you like eggnog? Because I’ve never had much of a taste for it. I’ve never drunk much of it, either, but that’s neither here nor there.

i like it well enough, but it always gives me a tummy-ache… except real, homemade eggnog… that stuff is devine!

I’ve never had it, although I saw a recipe for it just recently.

In our house a tummy-ache is called, generically “stomach,” on the assumption that stomachs are nonentities, topics for no conversation, until they ache or rumble or act disagreeably that they become something to talk about.

As in: “That eggnog gave me stomach. Now I’m dying of stomach.”

A sad and much too frequent kind of statement around here.

I made some eggnog on Christmas eve. It tasted just like the store-bought kind, but with quite a bit of brandy and rum.

(Man, this site has really exploded with rich bloggy goodness today.)

You call this good?

I’m an utter nihilist when it comes to assessing blogs. Any updates are good updates. The more updates, the better a blog is, period.

Quality is determined by quantity? That’s not nihilism; it’s capitalism.

No, quality is determined by anything that entertains me, even for an instant; nihilism.

did you whip the egg whites soft peak stage and the cream to stiff peaks and then fold those into your eggnog?

Yes, I actually did.

yet it tasted just like the store-bought kind?

was it raw or cooked?

though really for me, it’s the sweetness of storebought eggnog that can give me stomach

Raw. Bear in mind, I haven’t had store bought eggnog in at least 10 years. So maybe it didn’t taste exactly the same.

It was sweet enough, however, to give me a bit of stomach after 1 1/2 glasses or so. B liked it, but the alcohol was a bit too heavy for her wussy liver.

indeed, bourbon never causes stomach!

mmm, i feel like whipping up some of that tasty nog for myself right now! it’s not unethical to drink on the job if you work at home, right?

no, it’s perfectly permitted in every way, as long as you don’t then drive to a meeting sloshed.

It almost makes me want eggnog, and I don’t like eggnog. At least I never have. I try to try some every few years just to check, but so far, no go.