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If you’re paying for DSL or cable Internet, and if you don’t mind my asking, what’s your rate, and do you think it reasonable? Were you able to sign up for it without increasing the total of your monthly bills? Were there any hidden costs that you discovered only after signing on?

If you’re not paying for DSL or cable Internet, when could you be convinced to do so?

As much as we’re online in our house, it’s absurd that we’re still on dialup, but high-speed rates here have been exorbitant. Recently, however, they have become such that we don’t scoff, and it may even be possible for us to sign up with only a small ($–5 ≤ x ≤ $15) change in our budget (depending on taxes and what we’re able to get away with). Of course, it’s a special offer, so we have to act fast!—but not so fast that we’re going to be stupid about it…



I pay about $110/month for phone (just having a landline here is $45/month), DSL (another $40), and my excellent $20/month all you can talk long distance plan from Qwest. I could go back to dial up and save about $20/month, but, well, I’ve become spoiled. All of the above, however, are why I no longer have a cell phone.

I would expect rates in IC to be somewhat better, since it’s not a rural area served by a single telecom company—but that may be overly optimistic on my part.

It’s not that much better here. With taxes and fees the landline (w/o LD) costs $40. (BTW, it’s Qwest that’s running the special we’re contemplating buying right now—it’d be worth checking to see if you can switch to the promo price (about $26/mo. for DSL).)

I’d so, but they don’t offer DSL. The only DSL service hereabouts is through TCT West. And you can’t get DSL without also having a landline, so getting high speed internet and then just having a cell phone is not an option.

Wow! Now I can Internet from home like I’m on crack!