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My name is Greg. I write on this blog sometimes.

How the hell are you?



I’m about to post a similar msg on my own blog. What’s been going on lately? There seems to be a lazy-blogger virus going around.

Return-to-normal-life-after-two-years-of-campaign-blogging fatigue?

That’s not quite me, because I’m still coming down after the last two months of hell deadline. A two-day workweek like the one I’m finishing today is just not quite enough to satisfy the mind.

I do know, however, that this is the cutest thing ever.

There’s a law of the universe that says that whenever I have a lot of spare time, no one will be blogging, and whenever I’m overwhelmed, the aggregator will be full up.

I’ve just finished a marathon session of tea parties with a two-year-old, but the end result was the happy birth of her little sister!