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Grants & Scholarships

Our resident imaginary friend and expatriate linguist needs help funding a PhD.

First, I don’t know how much trouble the fact that you’re studying in England might limit your options. Some foundations and grants here, for example, look only at scholars in-continent. I can say, however, that limiting your Internet when searching can pay dividends. LanguageLog proper might not have the information you need, but its links point to a number of linguists who might have once been in the same situation as you or who know where to find the monies you need. Also, since there’s a likelihood that you’d be using new technology, don’t overlook funding that’s meant to encourage new applications of technology—not corporate sponsors per se, but foundations perhaps.

Of course, there’s always prostitution.



Woo! Extra dissemination of my bleg! Much obliged, for the link and advice.

Prostitution would only work if I could make enough for the whole three years by this October, since I have to prove to the university that I have the money to see this thing to completion. Could I make 30,000 pounds off my body in three months? Only if I went gay.

If you’re prostituting yourself in the first place, you might as well go where the money is.

Anyway, you’ve answered another question which I meant to ask: three months to raise 30K pounds?!

The University of Cambridge’s opinion is that it costs an average student about 10,000 pounds to live in Cambridge for one year. 10,000 X 3 years=30,000.

That figure really reflects what kind of families most of the university’s students come from. I’ve been living quite comfortably off of ~5,000 a year every year I’ve lived in England. I can’t imagine how easy my life would be living off 10,000 a year. I mean, c’mon, 10,000 pounds…that’s $20,000!! For a single student! True, Oxford and Cambridge have a higher cost of living than NYC, but still!!

(via K) Another idea! Pay for your PhD on eBay.