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Gobhi Aloo Matter

Last weekend we bought a copy of Julie Sahni’s Classic Indian Cooking, and tried the first recipe in the vegetarian entrées section. It tasted as good as it looks:



So how did it taste?

IMO the recipe makes the whole a little too salty—4 tsp of kosher. I say that, however, with mixed feelings: the saltiness was also something of a treat. I think next time I might try it with 3 tsp and see whether the difference is noticeable.

In spite of (or because of) the salt, it’s really good.

And, I’ll add: a lot of fun to cook.

are those little blobs cauliflower?

I’ll put up the recipe tonight, btw.

3: yes! Cauliflower and potatoes. Peas, too. The spices include: ground coriander, red pepper (I used cayenne), grated ginger, cumin, and cumin seeds. There are others which I do not remember. Also: pureed tomatoes make up part of the sauce. The recipe says it should be like a minestrone, though obviously it tastes nothing like minestrone.

SPEAKING OF, now I want to make minestrone.

how piquant is it? it sounds lovely to me, but i have a four-year-old to please. she is pretty open-minded about eating veg and unusual flavors, but hotness is not yet ok. she told me yesterday that she doesn’t like cauliflower, then admitted she’d never tried it, so maybe this dish (if not too hot) would be a good, sneaky introduction.

It is not especially hot, and you can certainly limit the amount of pepper you use, but it is rich and, as I said salty; it might be overwhelming for a finicky 4yo. Another cauliflower recipe, which I made two weeks ago, may be a better, milder choice. It’s a basic aloo gobhi: potatoes and cauliflowers with a good flavor of ginger. I’ll post that recipe tonight as well.

OTOH, it’s possible she would really like it because it’s rich.