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Get your Undies

No doubt, those of a certain age, remember the scandal that the now rather good actor caused when he was still shooting grainy videos of himself boxing in B-Town in the rain (or something like that)

I am sure that Marky Mark reminds David Beckham that (though his was not as blatantly pornographic… defiant, sexy, full of machismo, yes, but the not the sultry, come lick my body pose of the Armani add) he never would’ve been splashed across billboards in nothing but a thin layer of cotton knit bikinis had Marky not done the crotch-grab photo-shoot. No doubt they also argue over whether bikinis or boxer-briefs are better. (I met a girl this past weekend who would say the latter, though I doubt she would complain if she found Beckham lounging on her draped bed, legs splayed.)

Does it look like old Beck stuck a tennis ball down his shorts? I guess I would too were my boys under as much scrutiny as his will be… And do you think he waxed his legs? A friend from grad school told me that a friend of hers went and got a Brazilian once and that she passed out from the pain.

But, the real question is whether presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will roll up his sleeves and get in the fray. Will he at some point pontificate about the benefits of Mormon Underwear:

To millions of Mormons around the world, garments are a special piece of clothing worn as a symbolic gesture of the promises that they have made to God. The garment is always worn under other clothing, next to the skin. For most people who wear it, the garment takes the place of regular underwear. (For this reason, some people refer to the garment as Mormon undergarments or as Mormon underwear. Most LDS prefer simply using the term “garment” instead.)

Have you ever wondered:



I do wish that they had nipple protectors, for those cold, dry days when the nipples get chafed from rubbing up against the inside of one’s outer garments

Maybe Becks stuffs with these?

Season 4 of Nip/Tuck featured Larry Hagman, after having had testicular cancer and post-op of a orchidectomy, asking for a larger pair. “I’m used to knowing there’s something between my legs, doc!” he said.

BTW? This is the most awesomest post on the blog in, like, forever.

I was going to say almost the exact same thing, but feared it might be taken as sarcasm.

You’re afraid of sounding sarcastic? You’ve already spent too long in the South. Back to London with ye!

And Becks totally waxes his legs.

i just try to give the people what they want

And those of us here who are neither able to be caucus goers nor willing to be caucus tourists (having grown up with them and all) appreciate it!

I did, however, see Chris Dodd at the Hamburg Inn this afternoon, after getting my hair cut and before going to spend the afternoon getting drooled on by my very adorable godson.