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Gainin’ on ya

Good fundraisers can squeeze blood from a stone, but really, this is pushing the limits of credulity. From my inbox, this fundraising missive from Marianne Markowitz, CFO for the Obama campaign:

This organization has thousands of employees and spends millions of dollars a day — and at the moment we’re doing it without a safety net…. As of October 15th, John McCain and the RNC together had nearly $20 million more in cash than the combined total of Obama for America and the DNC. And just this week, we’re facing new and unexpected spending against us in Montana and West Virginia.

Look, I’m down with the Obama, but these crocodile tears are too much. Montana and West Virginia? Really?! That the Obama campaign can spend money in those states in the first place is a good batch of biscuits; that the campaign has forced the Republicans to spend money in those states? That’s called gravy. In other words, the e-mail is saying the Obama campaign is winning—and by a lot. To pretend otherwise—to pretend that you’re worried about this turn of events, even—is simply dishonest.



I predict 8 years of dissappointing, barely left of centre governance!