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Fun with Carcasses

Sarina Brewer does some wicked fantasy taxidermy:

The FeeJee Mermaid—This one dates back to P.T. Barnum


Gold Griffin

I left out some of the more disturbing pieces, such as the cat-head in a box ($125), everything from the “Carcass Art” section, or the mummified things (although the chupacabra is pretty cool), all of which you can discover for yourself.


yikes!...you should have forewarned 40-something squeamish guys too.

I assumed 40-something squeamish guys could read the title.

Beautiful. I think I’ve already seen the rat-thingy in a couple of PETA propaganda pieces. They should be at your door any second now. Give ‘em both barrels.

What do you think this woman tells people when they ask, “So, what do you do?”

“You’d be surprised how well gilded squirrels sell these days!”

Her monsters are cool. I also like Takeshi Yamada who also makes fantasy taxidermy artworks like her.

Takeshi Yamada also makes mummified Chupacabra, Fiji mermaid, human shrunken head, fossilized fairy, and other curiosities and oddities.

They are better than Damien Hurst’s dead shark and bloody chopped cows.

So… There’s, like, more than one person who does this kind of thing? I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

Mark Frieson, Doug Higley, Sarina Brener, Takeshi Yamada, Juan Cabane are some of the best gaff masters. Mark Frieson is also a great banner painter. Takeshi Yamada is currently featured in Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermais” exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in NY, NY (until January 6, 2008) and “Museum of World Wonders: Cabinet of Curiosities” exhibition at Coney Island Library in Brooklyn, NY. (I live in NYC and saw his awesome exhibitions.) Juan Cabane used to make & sell his Fiji mermaids at Ebay. His website full of fiji mermaids is truly awesome. (I wish I knew his artworks then. I do not see him in Ebay recently at all, sadly.) Sarina Brener makes highly customized fantasy animals. I like her squirrel taxidermy works. They are all very specialized cool artists.