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From the mouths of three year-olds

Last night as we headed home E said from the back seat:
“Hey! They’re talking about Arock Obama… and John Mccain!”

“Daddy, can I go and pick out the president I want when I’m a mommy?”



Did you reply, “Not if John McCain has anything to say about it”?

honestly, the most disconcerting thing about this whole election was that for about two months (august and september) e would see a picture of john mccain and say… hey! that’s john mccain! but did not recognize barack obama.

and, it has to do with the fact that we let her watch some of the olympics, when we were still trying to get the basement in working order and painted with the olympics on. during that time, mccain was the only person running ads in kentucky (mccain has now stopped, low coffers) while obama has started (but, e isn’t watch commercial television any more).

one of the great ironies of both the primary and the general election is that both cliton and mccain have accused obama of not having executive experience and of not being able to hit the ground running… but, he, in comparison to both, has run the most effective and well-managed campaign. and, if that isn’t an indicator of the kind of executive he will be, what is?

Well, I thought I was a Republican for about two weeks in 2nd grade. Thank God for Geraldine Ferraro, who I believe is responsible for my switch.

maybe, like viv, e just thinks obama is her dad, so there’s no need to name him.
rose is convinced our blood-red state could still go blue. she has described the electoral map as “the most beautiful map i’ve ever seen!” so she might just be going by aesthetics.