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Foxxy Confessore

Neko, you are a sultry-voiced seductress, but my heart still belongs to Gillian.



neko rocks! i must confess

what is it with canadian chicks and sultry voices (am thinking more of margo timmins than sarah mclachlan)?

I don’t know margo timmins, but Neko also knows how to use the reverb to great effect. Not that I’d have it any different. Do you have Fox Confessor Brings the Flood? That “John Saw that Number” kicks my ass every time.

yes, and yes it does

margo is michael and peter timmins’s kid sister and the lead singer of their band the cowboy junkies

Though they’ve been around a long time, I never got into CJ. Not enough to know the people in the band…

Anyway, Canadians are always sending us good music. I’m forever in gratitude to them (and to K, who one day said to me, “listen”) for Neil Young.

we own all but their first album, whites off earth now! and we don’t own because we never have money when i think of it or see it in a music store

they are, imho, fantabulous!

you really should check out the caution horses (amazing cover of powderfinger), black eyed man, and pale sun, crescent moon

I own Pale Sun, Crescent Moon (on cassette!), which I love, and I’ve liked everything else of theirs I’ve heard. Remind me to buy some more music sometime when I have some money.

you should listen to your librarian friend and check out Pale Sun, Crescent Moon