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Fingers Crossed

Here’s hoping that K doesn’t have to spend the night at O’Hare for the second time in four months. I probably should have seen the delay coming. Although the sky was clear today, the winds were gusting something great. As all winds here do (driven as they are by migrating butterflies in China), they were heading east, sure to whip down State Street eventually. As it stands, right now she’s in flight from Rochester; according to flight information, her connection is still scheduled to depart, but not until after midnight. I don’t have great faith in United Airlines sticking to that itinerary, but I hope nonetheless, until they cancel for real.



Hooray! She’s arrived in Chicago at least, and the flight to Cedar Rapids is still on…

Hooray again! She’s boarded in Chicago: Another hour and she’ll be hooooommmmmeeeee!

Bag stayed in Chicago (the bitches) but K’s back!

Welcome home, K!

my, but it’s good to be missed…