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Federer FTL

Roger Federer looks disgusted and/or miserable. But it’s times like yesterday that I really miss cable television. I had to keep up with the match by Internet box score. How unsatisfying!



That was the greatest match I have ever seen. I was rooting for Federer because I didn’t want the press to start writing his obituary prematurely, but I love watching Nadal muscle crosscourt backhands from ten feet behind the baseline. Despite Nadal’s dominance, I still think its a really compelling rivalry. OK, enough gushing.

Who needs cable tv? An antenna worked for me.

I thought for sure the Cedar Rapids networks would come through with broadcast TV’s new digital awesomeness, but we still only get PBS and the CW.

I was rooting for Federer too, in large part for aesthetic reasons: anybody who plays as beautiful a game of tennis as he does deserves to win everything. Plus, I just like him. But it’s also a lot of fun to watch Nadal run—and to watch other people make fun of his shorts-pulling. K really dislikes Nadal, but I’ve never wholly understood her reasons why.

i don’t understand my reasons why, either. i’m not a big tennis fan; i only watched him play once (against F, i’m sure) a long time ago. i’d have to give him another chance, i guess.

maybe if we were actually plugged into the big antenna on the roof…that’s the hi-tech solution we’ve not yet found a way to achieve.

3a: I think it was the 2006 Wimbledon final. Or perhaps the French Open.

3b: I know! First we must figure out how to open up the cable box to switch the wires. But that box is a stumper!

I like Federer for the same aesthetic reasons as you do, Greg. His brand of tennis is pure elegance. But my rural, working-class side loves Nadal’s hard-scrabble game, fighting for every point and out working his opponents.

They’re both aesthetically pleasing, I would say. (See photo above.)


Now you’re just being obnoxious. I pointed out Nadal was hot two years ago and you pooh-poohed me.

oh, sorry. i retract the pooh-poohing.