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Experts are for Chumps

Would that my time were more like Andy Martin’s. To spend years losing races for public office, filing frivolous lawsuits, and appearing on television thanks to invented expertise would be ideal!

Instead, I spend my days pretending I have a expertise in mathematics education, developing in-class writing prompts about functions, composing in-depth descriptions of classrooms that never existed before on this earth. Someday, however, they will exist, lucky students. I know this because we have customers!



People like that are the downside of a highly specialized economy that allows people to completely divorce themselves from the production of necessities, and thus potentially devote their lives to completely useless or even harmful activities, and yet somehow manage not to starve to death or die shivering in some backalley during a particularly cruel January.

Why must you disparage me so?!

Teaching children maths is a productive enterprise! It was Andy Martin I was talking about! Andy Martin!