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Martin Johnson Heade, Hay at Dawn, 1859



It was a blowout. This may be the first time in my life I’ve ever been happy about an election result.

Word. (More later. Deadline now.)

until pelosi goes wild and crazy and in 08 the donkeys march into power everywhere…

then again, rummy has resigned and bush has finally let him. the two, says bush are not related.

bush did not sound happy at all in the press conference.

Yep. In his speech he had that cadence for every single sentence in which it sounds like he’s scolding us kids for being bad again. He did a better job of trying to sound upbeat during the Q & A. That whole “workin’ together” thing.

My favorite part (aside from the announcement of Rumsfeld’s resignation) was how he referred to the election as a “thumping.”

i liked the rumsfeld and i have study this thing… pause… pause… and i’ve… pause… pause… i’ve studied it too… pause… on my own… ‘cuz i study things by myself

yes, lest we think he can’t have a deep thought without someone there holding his hand! oh, wait, that is what we thought…

My own district surprised me Tuesday by voting Jim Leach out. A friend said he knew Leach would lose when he heard about Lincoln Chafee, but I kept thinking that there was still a big difference between RI and IA. It’s perhaps more strange, though, given the character of this district, that Leach lasted as long as he did. If there’s any district that would go full blue in a purple state, it’s this. Tom Schaller is saying that it’s evidence of a great disaffection with moderates in this election cycle. (a disaffection borne, I think, by the general impotence of moderates in congress of late—although for some reason enough people still idolize mccain and lieberman that no matter how ridiculous and two-faced the become, their shine never seems to wear off.) Our governor’s race was no surprise at all. Jim Nussle came off as a paranoid freak who insulted debate hosts and made half-cocked insinuations about “secret deals” with gambling proponents.