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On the occasion that mom’s husband convinces her to sell her business and move to a big city, it is a very good probability that we will have a dog.

He’ll hate the cold here.




Hope he and the cats can get along.

I think they will…He’s a gentle guy…I just hope we don’t get him, get all attached, and then…something goes wrong in the big city and mom wants him back. Ouch.

dogs are soooo much better than cats…
i’ve other things to say but won’t

Okay, I think we know your feelings about this, BG. :)

Personally, I’m both a cat and a dog person, and G’s known from the beginning that we’d get a dog at some point—though he’s more of a cat person. I didn’t really expect we’d get a dog this way, but it doesn’t really matter. Newton’s a sweet dog; I’d hate to see him go to an unappreciative family. Of course, this all hinges on whether G’s mom actually moves in with her husband. They’ve been married for almost a year, and it hasn’t happened yet!

actually, my unstated comments re this has to do with the second half of the paragraph.

were i not allergic to cats, we might have a cat…

He looks like a lovely dog. I would get a dog, were it not for the kitties (including the new kitty) and the fact that I’m at work 9 hours a day.

Sam is a good-looking cat! Glad to hear he and Tyger are getting along…I shudder to think of how Jane and Bingley will take our bringing a dog into the house, but hopefully they won’t take long to adjust…If it even happens, that is…