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Dinosaur Comics #870

Dinosaur Comics is cool. (Click on the picture to read it.)



It had to happen sometime, I guess. The past two weeks Hermits has been hit by comment spambots pretty much nonstop. Textpattern’s secure enough that in that time only one has made it through, but just in case—and FYI—comments are now disabled on all posts older than six weeks. If you feel like dredging the sewers archives to talk about something old, you’ll have to do it by hijacking a newer nonconversation.

ah ha ha ha ha

I suppose you think you’re being funny, dropping in like this, after weeks of silence (presumably because) all sockpuppet-like?

Sir, I am not so easily amused by a can of a can of spam, even if it is of the world cup variety.

Anyway, you forgot to say how much you want me, that I can buy low, low priced prescription drugs and porn at pxxx.com, and that, if I want a bigger penis, I should take your special herbal all-natural 100% effective pills.

More power to J. Sock-puppetry is very, very fun (so long as it’s done ethically)

eee heee heee heee heee

Today’s is pretty good.

Borders on Dadaism. I like them (the cartoons, not Dadaists).

The most surreal ones I’ve read so far are in the archive ca. November 2005, when North had a batch of guest cartoonists.

Actually, I notice there are several guest weeks. It’s like mid twentieth-century French novelists experimenting in formalism, only with cartoonists.