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Cleaning Out the Cupboard

The move is upon us.

We sign the papers on our house this coming Tuesday (the purchaser’s loan has come through and our house has appraised at or greater than the price we agreed upon, which, the buyer is getting this house for considerably less than the listing price). We sign the papers on the house in Lexington this coming Thursday, take possession of that house that same day, and hand our house over the the buyer at 6 pm that day.

We have no idea when the movers are going to show up; they gave us a three day window and have yet to call to give us the exact day.

We have been in “clean out the cupboard” mode for the past week or so and it has gone well.

I just made a Vegetarian, Tomato-Cream sauce, Lasagna that is now sitting in the freezer waiting for next week. And, I’ve two honey-olive oil-flax seed whole wheat loaves cooling next to the Kitchen Aide (that is about be packed up), so we will have plenty of bread.

We just ate the last of the frozen gnocchi that I had made with the last of potatoes: we had it with a portobello mushroom, blue cheese, vodka, cream sauce. This is certainly one of those De gustibus non disputandam est matter, but I much prefer my gnocchi made only of potatoes and flour. Probably because I was born in Milan and the northern Italian style is what I’ve always had. I’ll eat the southern Italian style that includes eggs and sometimes herbs and cheese, but I much prefer the lighter and simpler gnocchi of potatoes, flour and salt.

Two of my happy finds were the following soups:

This Split Pea Soup. The Rapunzel Herb Bouillon she recommends is really my favorite bouillon of all time. And, though split pea soup is very much of a winter soup, if you let it cool off to almost room temp, this particular version (because of its thickness and because of the citrus) makes a great summer soup.

And, I also made a leek and lentil soup that was really, really good, even if I do say so myself.

I had originally made this dish for the family and used up all the lentils we had, which left us with plenty of left over lentils—I should add, the lentils I used weren’t French lentils but whole Masoor Daal. To this, I added some home-made chicken stock and the remaining herb-mustard-butter we had. Also, I use the entire leek. I know that a lot of people (probably following French cuisine) recommend not using the dark green leafy stalks because they’re tough and what not. I, though, actually like them. I like the color they add and, if you do them right, they aren’t tough and chewy, as other people say. I say, eat the green leafy stalk. It tastes great and is good for you. We had this soup with some homemade french bread.



Lentils, yum.

Yes. Also, you are now my new best friend for having pointed the way to non-toxic bouillon.