Hermits Rock

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I’m watching Carrier tonight. One of its strengths is that it touches the wide diversity that is the U.S. military. Also, the similes: “It’s like one big floating high school.” “Landing on a carrier is like having sex in a car accident.” I am sure they are clichés on ship, figures of the microculture, but they’re entertaining for civilian peaceniks like me.

And XOs—those pedants who preach cleanliness and harp on the smallest pissant mistakes—are irritating no matter what.



Watched the entire series. The worst part of it was the realization with every episode that all those kids were sent to the Persian Gulf at untold expense—fortunately, they didn’t drop any bombs, so at least “lives” wasn’t one of those expenses—all for a stupid, stupid war of choice. With every episode some war cheerleader would assert some rot that they were “defending freedom” and “keeping the terrorists there so we won’t have to fight them at home.” The cheerleading was at least tempered by the enlisted men who showed some skepticism and worry about the warring enterprise.