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Careerism Again

First, three doors:

  1. The best outcome is to land a position in Illinois, Maryland, or Massachusetts. The position can be a lateral move (with salary adjusted for living conditions) or it can be a step up; more important is that there is room for advancement. I have been trying to make this happen with no success so far.
  2. The OK outcome is to secure a promotion here that will be meaningful to another employer in the future—not, in fact, an easy thing to do, but not impossible.
  3. The better-than-nothing outcome is to secure a promotion here that will be largely meaningless to anyone other than employers such as I work for now.

Unfortunately, I am faced with a conundrum. No matter what I do, Door 3 is already in the works and is likely to happen at the turn of the fiscal year. Right now, however, I could open Door 3 (in another department) and try to negotiate to open Door 2 (in my current department). Unfortunately, if I move toward Door 2 or Door 3 now, I make it harder to move toward Door 1 in the near future. At the same time, if I wait for Door 1, I may lose a decent chance at Door 2.

This would be a lot easier if someone would just show me the goat now.



Wish I could help. If it makes you feel any better, you’ll be dead in 30-60 years no matter what you choose.

Also, the Monty Hall problem has always angered me to a degree that is probably not normal.

Angered how?

Raised blood pressure, clenched teeth, reddening cheeks perhaps?

btw, your server has really been sucking lately.

I know! I just learned the host installed some updates recently. They might be the problem…

Aha! Maybe…

3: I revise 2. angered why?

assume you’ll die in 2-3 years instead of 30-60 and make your decision that way. which would be more fun right now?
my youngest bro resists promotion at all b/c his current job is so low-stress. so there’s always that route.

If only my current job were actually low-stress, I might do just that; as-is, I was backdoor promoted almost the minute I took the job, and I figure I might as well get paid for what I do.

what would THAT be like?

Someday, I may be able to tell you!

7: Because it so flagrantly violates all intuition.

Had an initial phone interview with a place in Chi-town today. I think it went well; we’ll see.

may it go well…

may they call you back for that second and may the third be a charmer