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The temperature in Iowa City at 9.45p, 17 Feb. 2006. This is when it’s best to make sure your hair is dry before you leave the house. And it’s supposed to get worse: the low for tonight will be -9° F.



Well, I can always count on an Iowan to make Chicago sound balmy. We’re hovering right above zero around here (thankfully, no negative temps are expected).

I figured Chicago would be colder than here, GR, but I guess sometimes the lake keeps things from getting too cold? When I woke up this morning, the temp was -7°, with windchill at -20°!

greg’s such a wimp when it comes to winter weather, even worse than me. i would blame it on his southerness, but that would offend 75.698% of hermits and hermit readers, so i won’t. :)

K’s right. I am a cold wimp when said cold is 5deg F or below. Nevertheless, we braved it tonight because some things, like driving oneself mad stuck inside all day, are worse than putting on a sweater and a coat.

We’re sitting pretty at 3deg F, with no wind chill. I would put up a screenshot, but my mac is down for the night* and I don’t know how to do screenshots on a PC.

*Regrettably, it is the new part, which makes the machine work very well until I try to wake it from sleep. At that moment, it curses my very soul. I will be talking to its creator bright and early Monday to try and figure out whether they gave it free will to do bad, or whether its environs cause it to lash out in frustration.