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If you were a bottleneck at the place where you work, would you feel obligated to put in more time in order to compensate for holding everyone else up?



It depends on whether the bottleneck is the result of me or problems with the way the workplace is structured.

Say it’s a little bit of both.

Maybe you’re not a bottleneck but a gateway. Maybe you are the only quality-control mechanism. Maybe the entire burden of success rests on your shoulders (or neck, if you prefer). Maybe…
…if you need to get rid of some of your work, you could send some of it my way since I’m not doing anything income-worthy at the moment.
Seriously though, could you put in a week or two of overtime to see if it makes a difference? But that would set an unfavorable precedent?

A gateway feels like a bottleneck, and vice versa, depending on the day or the hour. And the OT’s already being done: it’s Sunday morning, and I’m already here.

We have plenty of work to send, M, but management has been extraordinarily pissy about letting us hire anyone either permanent or temporary. It was giving birth to a 12 lb. baby to get them to let us hire K for 20 hours worth of factchecking. As soon as that changes, and I can convince my bosses to hire an editorial consultant who’s really good but lives in the Mediterranean, we’ll call.

Meanwhile, somewhere I’ve got a list of contacts for freelance jobs that I can send you. Also, even though it’s crappy work, you might be able to score the SAT or other standardized tests, assuming you can fudge the “U.S. residency” requirement—that stuff’s totally online.

Your server seems to have a bit of a bottleneck itself, today.

Really? I hadn’t noticed; but I’ve hardly been online… (strange as it is to say that).

I’ve hardly been able to access the site all day. Don’t know about anyone else.