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Bleg it up

Help me out. I did not expect to have this choice at all, but now that I do: MacBook (black, of course; computers are not yang) or MacBook Pro?



If you’re willing to pony up an extra couple hundred bucks for a purely cosmetic “upgrade,” then go all in and get the MBP. The chassis is more rugged, the screen is larger, the specs are better, and you will distinguish yourself from all the spoiled undergrad students at various religiously-affiliated colleges.

Rocking the MBP, you might be confused for a graphic designer or some other visual artist!

Oh, and the keyboard on the MBP is much better, in my opinion, to the MB. Plus, it lights up!

See? It’s awesome!

My primary qualm with the MBP is actually the size of the screen. K’s current laptop has a 15-inch screen, and for the most part, it has been so unwieldy that we will begin saving to replace it with a smaller machine after I buy my new computer.

On the other hand, I am all about the mercury-free LED backlights the new MBPs (but not the MBs) have…

That light-up keyboard is pretty awesome.

dude, kb, i’ve requested your friendship on shelfari for a while now, and not a word of acknowledgment!!

Forget those two clunky choices. Be romanced by the ads. I saw a blurb somewhere that the future holds cell phones and computers thin as a sheet of paper that you can roll up. I’m holding out for that.

I don’t want to give up optical drives, though! I have never had a DVD burner before…

I saw a blurb somewhere that the future holds cell phones and computers thin as a sheet of paper that you can roll up. I’m holding out for that.

I’d love to see the electronic paper that the Kindle uses, but as I understand it, the OLED screens that will allow such flexibility are still aways off.

OT: How did you stumble on this blog, McFawn?

Couldn’t you just plug an external dvd burner into the USB port? How often do you really need to use CD/DVDs?

My friend Jessamyn notes that this upgrade is only possible with a plain MacBook.

Yeah, sure. They also have some kind of wireless feature where you plug a DVD into another machine and the Airbook sucks out what it says like a parasite.

My bigger problem with the Airbook is that it’s not a primary machine. Everything on it—the hard drive, the processor—is slowed down in order to be thin and sexy. The best solution in that respect is to go all-out and replace the hard drive with the 64GB solid-state flash drive option, but of course, that’s all of $500 more.

Moreover, when I buy, this will be my only machine for at least five years, probably longer. I am not willing to sacrifice long-term performance for teh sexxy.

10: Not impossible, just a lot less complicated.

(Replacing the HD in my Powerbook took a lot of screws too, but not that many!)

I am into year five with my iBook, which is working fine with a RAM upgrade. I’ve never had an any kind of burner, though, so that’s my goal with my next computer. I tried several USB CD burners and none of them worked, so I’d advocate the in-machine drive.

BG, my bad. I originally signed up for Shelfari during a long stay at the in-laws. I need to get back on that thing.

no, not really… it’s an utter waste of time :)

The USB burner didn’t work on my Powerbook, either because something about the hardware configuration did not like to use USB ports that way. It would read CDs from the drive; it just wouldn’t burn them.

Anyway, we went to Best Buy last night to ogle and review machines. I’m getting the Pro. 1) It is machine enough that I should be able to keep it in fine shape for at least as long as I kept my Powerbook running (it still runs, actually, but its performance is spotty). Therefore, it is a better bet longterm. 2) The LED-lit screen (which the MacBook Air shares) is noticeably brighter than the fluorescent-lit screen of other machines. If you’re looking for a MacBook, it’s worth waiting until they change the screens.

I also looked at the Air they had. It burned hot underneath.

Plus, to be honest, the deal I am getting is way better if I get the MBP.

Good to know. I have a New Computer Plan, but it keeps being delayed by things such as the Go on Vacation Plan and the Buy a Sofa Plan (soon to be realized!—I found one from IKEA that will fit through my door!). And then, of course, there’s the Old Truck Plan. But I’m not materialistic. . . really I’m not. . . .

I thoroughly endorse having a plan. Mine, you may recall, started over a year ago. I will note that the original plan was modified over time to include the small but not insignificant income I get from freelancing.

I do indeed remember your plan, though I lack the patience and fortitude necessary to pursue it. I may well be doing some freelance web design work in the near future, though I am only charging a pittance. Small skills, small town.

Not to burst any potential bubbles, but the literature on my MBP made it quite clear that it was a portable computer, not a LAPTOP computer. Just this evening, while “watching” a baseball game on ESPN.com, I had to pick up the computer to reposition it while washing dishes. The bottom was too hot to hold. It was actually painful.

Now, bear in mind mine is one of the first generation (pre-Core 2 Duo), and some of the heat issues may have been resolved. But, when using it on the couch, I have to have a blanket under it, or some serious damage could occur…

From what I have read, excess heat was one of the major problems of early models. I think new ones are not as bad as that.